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09 Nov

£21.4m mega-penthouse: Asian billionaire buys Oxford Street’s most expensive home

Merchants Row sells entire top floor of a London apartment building .....

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02 Aug

Most expensive apartment this year in Mayfair Sells.

Off-market super-prime deal tucked away on the last day before the stamp...

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21 Jan

Middle Eastern investor snaps up six apartments at Battersea Power Station

Sextet of studios in Switch House West were collectively listed for just...

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26 Feb

The Plunging Pound’s Effect On UK Property

....your local currency has never fared stronger against the UK pound.

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25 Mar

The Next 12 months

It’s no secret that the London property market has been subdued recently........

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06 Nov

Rich overseas parents buy £2bn of property to get top school places

Wealthy parents see London properties as route to private schools for their...

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20 Aug

House prices:London sees biggest fall as UK asking prices drop by 2.3 per cent in August.

Properties are taking longer to sell across the country as tougher lending...

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30 May

On market ‘v’ Off market selling

......if it doesn’t sell or let, is there for posterity?

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09 May

Sales for £1m houses hit record levels in 2017

The million pound property market got off to a poor start last year, but...

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20 Feb

Overseas buyers snap up majority of exclusive London homes

The proportion of homes in the capital’s “prime central” spots bought by...

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20 Dec

Surging house prices mean one in 75 Britons is now a millionaire

"millionaire" is no longer reserved for someone with "extreme...

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24 Oct

International Buyer Trends in Prime London.

"The preferences of the élite buyers is the differentiating factor...

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08 Aug

UK house prices still showing growth despite rising at the slowest rate in four years

The average price of a home in the UK has hit £219,000, according to...

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12 Apr

London vs New York

7% rise in the number of London-based millionaires.

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