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‘Incredible jump in seller confidence since General Election result’ reports agent-finding site 17th December 2019

Comparison website NetAnAgent, which allows members of the public to post up their properties and request valuations, says it has seen a quick and definitive upswing since last Friday morning.Managing director Alex Thorpe said: “Since the election we have seen an 8% jump in listings compared against the same days last year and a 48% increase in the ratio of property that have requested a valuation from an agent through the site.“We know from past performance that the ratio of vendors’ properties listed on that then go to request a valuation is a very good indicator of future market confidence.“This points to an incredible jump in seller confidence and possibly a far stronger start to 2020 than many have been predicting.”Meanwhile back on Corbyn Street, residents are reportedly planning to ask for a change of name (they’re wanting to go Corbyn neutral) with  property pundit Henry Pryor suggesting that prices in the street within the Labour leader’s own constituency remain rather depressed.